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Collaborative Accelerated Undergraduate-Graduate Degree Program

This Agreement is made by and between the Virginia Tech Industrial and Systems Engineering (VT ISE) Department in the College of Engineering (VT COE) and Virginia State University College of Engineering and Technology (VSU CET).

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.

4+1 Accelerated
Dual Degree Program

Virginia Tech ISE currently offers a Master’s degree (both MS Thesis and MENG Non-thesis options) and a PhD with a Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MFG SE) concentration within the College of Engineering. The Department’s BS in ISE degree program is accredited by ABET, Inc.


VSU CET currently offers an ABET-accredited BS degree program in Manufacturing Engineering (MANE).

The goal of the collaborative accelerated undergraduate/graduate (UG/G) program in Industrial and Systems Engineering is to enable VSU MANE undergraduate students to start contributing to their Virginia Tech graduate degree while completing their BS degree at VSU.


The collaborative UG/G program is designed to accelerate the MANE student’s time to complete their graduate degree(s) while facilitating their transition into Virginia Tech ISE graduate program.


This program allows participating students to count up to 9 course credit hours towards their undergraduate degree through VSU and their graduate degree at Virginia Tech. 

Access to the program is limited to students from Virginia State University and Virginia Tech. Completion of the BS degree will be in accordance with the requirements of Virginia State University. Completion of the Master’s degree will be in accordance with the requirements of Virginia Tech. The advantages to the students are the ability to count up to 9 credits at the appropriate level towards both their BS (awarded by VSU) and Master’s degrees (awarded by VT).

4+1 Accelerated Dual Degree Program

Stay Informed

Stay up to date with all of the necessary requirements including dates, deadlines, resources, and important contact information.

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Contact your VSU advisor:

Nasser Ghariban, 

the Virginia Tech ISE Graduate Program Advisor:

Hannah Parks,

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